Monday, April 5, 2010

Feather me up!

Hey dear shoppers. All of these fascinators are 100%handmade. We do take CUSTOM ORDERS as well.For masquarade/theme parties,casual wear, WEDDINGS, etc.
U can request on how u like it by sending any pics similiar to what u want. Or jus pick one of our design n make some color changes!!
Tempting rite, no?
U can also use it as a headband or hairclip, whichever u prefer.
Heres more, u will a MISTERY GIFT if u order more than 5 items.
F1 Pleasant Pheasant : RM27.90
F2 Turqoise Guinea : RM25.90
F3 Brown Guinea : RM19.90
F4 Hot Pink : RM17.90
F5 Rainbow Jewels : RM18.90
F6 Peacock n Pearls : RM RM25 .90

F1 Pleasant Pheasant

F4 Hot Pink

F3 Brown Guinea

RM 19.90

F5 Rainbow Jewels
RM 18.90

F2 Turqoise Guinea